Thursday, January 14, 2016

Welcome from Mike Lohre

 Hello students,and welcome to our blog!

Please see the handout for Journal Two, and we'll go over how to post and use the blog in class.  I'll look forward to seeing your work here.

As a short intro, I came to Ohio State in 1995 as a student, and have been teaching here every since, with the last 18 years at OSU-Marion.  I did my degrees in Fiction and Poetry at OSU and studied under Lee K. Abbott, David Citino, and many others.  It was one of the best times of my life, and I"m happy to see young writiers try creative writing on this campus.  Thanks for taking the course, and hope you'll get much growth and discovery out of it.

I'm married, and my wife's name is Irene.  She works in assisted living in Delaware, and we both enjoy farming and gardening part-time together as well.

Irene and I among the bamboo in a visit to an ecological garden in Florida last year.


--For this first post, write a paragraph where you introduce yourself, tell us some things that help us know you more, and share a fun fact about you.  Also, please post a simple photo of yourself, so we can always come back to this and associate your name with your face and introduction.  Again, the blog will just be for our class and I will adjust the privacy and search settings.
--In your next paragraph or paragraphs, respond to at least one of these two questions:
1.  From our textbook reading, which of the 8 beliefs about creative writing struck you as most helpful or important?  Why?  Explain.
2.  Why do we need imagination and creativity?  Where have these qualities really influenced your life?  Share and explain.

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