Thursday, January 14, 2016

Jeremiah Ramey Journal 2

I am Jeremiah. I have grown up in Marion, Ohio. I chose Ohio State  at Marion for one simple reason, money. I was able to pay for my entire first year at OSUM via scholarships and federal aid. I have had a job across the street at McDonald's for a year and a half now. I take an extremely casual approach to many tasks. I have also published a few poems during high school. I hope I will enjoy this class and get to know some of you.
Why do we need imagination and creativity? To answer this question, we must think first why do we imagine things at all. The most common reason is simple, because people get bored, and crave something more interesting. The other reason is to try and improve lives. People need to first imagine their better lives before developing ideas on how to improve them. Without creativity, people would not come up with any good ways to improve their lives, and nothing gets done. When people lack imagination, the only other option is to focus on reality, which is infamously a bitch. People need to first dream to be able to accomplish their dreams. Imagination and creativity have helped me give myself hope on some occasions, and entertained me during others. Whenever I see politicians preparing to run for office, I imagine myself as the president of the United States, developing the country in a way that appeals to me, or as a judge, interpreting what is right and what is wrong, who can do this and who has the right to do that. Other days, I use my imagination purely for my own entertainment. I create stories of my own, or continue the story of a good movie, book, or video game. I add characters, and change how they react to each other, or get rid of characters, to change the tone of he story. Even in my own daydreams, I despise the common notion that the good guys always win, and that there is even a good guy and a bad guy in a fight. With creativity, I can entertain myself even when I am doing something as boring as homework. Without it, school and work would both seem extremely boring.


  1. Money was my deciding factor for choosing OSUM, too. I was originally going to go to Wright State (their English program is pretty cool), but then I realized how cheap Marion was, and, well, here I am. So you're a poetry guy, huh? Do you find poetry easier or harder than prose?

  2. Easier? Of course not. In fact, my first published work was prose, but I hated it. I felt like I was just going on and on about something silly. (Spring) Poetry is much better, because while it can tell a story, simply hearing it can be pleasant. I think it's ironic how people criticize Rhythm And Poetry (RAP). I can't rap because I haven't a musical bone in my body, but I appreciate anyone who can come up with a poem on the top of their head as well as perform musically. To me, a poem is not a good poem unless it sounds good when you hear it.

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