Thursday, January 14, 2016

journal 2 Andrea Daily

Hi! My name is Andrea Daily. I'm from Marysville, Ohio, which I'm sure most of you have heard of because it's not too far from Marion. I'm majoring in English and minoring in creative writing. Reading and writing are my passion and I hope to make a career out of it in my future. I was a swimmer for ten years and swam varsity for four years in high school. I love movies with all my heart and I'm a complete nerd when it comes to marvel movies. Most people find it interesting that I can spell just about any word, but I like to think of it as a gift!

This is a picture of my best friend, Morgan Dewitt and I, who has inspired and supported me with my writing :)
I think the belief that writing is a process is most helpful because it makes me realize that I can't just write a story in five minutes and it won't just pop in my head. There's steps you need to take to make the story great!


  1. Represent! I grew up in Marysville, and a majority of my family still lives there. It's a cute little place. I'm a Marvel person when it comes to movies, too, but I really enjoy DC comics. I have to ask: Who is your favorite Marvel character?

  2. I may need to use your gift, my spelling skills are severely lacking. That's awesome you were on varsity for 4 years!


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