Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sam Lodge Journal 2

Well to start this off my name is Samantha Lodge, but I tend to go by Sam. I usually only go by Samantha when my mother is yelling at me about something I probably blamed my brother for. I am currently a Junior here and hope to graduate next year, even though that thought terrifies and excites me. For my first year of college, I went to Tiffin University. I transferred for the main reason of money. Tiffin is quite expensive and I was tired of playing my saxophone in the band there. (There's one fact about me, I've been playing the sax since 5th grade. I'm basically Kenny G.) I'm also absolutely terrified of turkeys, which makes Thanksgiving an awful holiday for me. I'm pretty boring really so there isn't much to tell. I read a lot, watch millions of YouTube videos and Netflix shows, and write. Unfortunately, I don't write as much as I used to but I'm slowly getting back into the swing of things. Also, I haven't updated my glamour shots recently so this picture of me will have to do.

I think we need creativity and imagination to get through life. Can you imagine how boring it would be if we just ate, worked, and slept in that cycle for our whole lives? Well, you wouldn't be able to imagine that if you didn't have an imagination! Did I lose you yet? Anyway, I think that we need this to fill in the gaps when we aren't doing those three things. Not only that, if we didn't have creativity in our world, then things would never advance. No cars, no microwaves, no plumbing. I don't want to live in a world that has no plumbing. I, for one, would not want to think like everyone else. There are plenty of stories where authors have created worlds where no one is allowed to think for themselves, and as you can probably guess, it doesn't turn out very well. Whenever I read or write, it allows me to delve into that world and forget about everything that's happening outside of that. So what if I bombed that test, Harry Potter didn't ace everything either! My imagination let me have fun when I was an only child for 5 years. After that, I was able to use my creativity to get myself out of trouble for stealing my brothers toy. I think imagination makes life enjoyable and keeps our minds alive. We don't want to become zombies, I don't think I would like brain.

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  1. The saxophone is kind of the coolest instrument ever! I've always wanted to play. I totally agree with what you said about imagination; really, if we didn't have it, would we even really be human? The ability to create and imagine is what separates us from every other creature on the planet.


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