Sunday, January 17, 2016

Journal 2: Amber McLaughlin

Hello, my name is Amber McLaughlin and I'm originally from Upper Sandusky, Ohio but just recently moved to Columbus. I take classes at the main campus and the Marion one as well. I'm going to school for Radiology and after I graduate I hope to become a doctor. An interesting fact about me is that I went to Hawaii in 2013 for my cousin's wedding and I absolutely loved it.

The belief I found most interesting is the writing benefits from talking. I really enjoyed that belief because it is the one I relate to most. The peer reviews that we had to do in my previous english class really helped. Sitting down and talking to other people about my thoughts or my process of how I was going to finish the paper and then hearing what they had to say about it really helped me. It made me realize that talking about your thoughts and how you plan to put them down on paper really helps. Getting other people's opinions and thoughts help to make your writing better and could possibly point things out that you didn't notice before. 

We need imagination and creativity because without it the world would be bland. Imagination and creativity kind of take us to a different world, a world of our own. In my opinion it takes us away from reality for awhile and lets our minds wander. It lets us create a world that is our own and make it the way we want.

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  1. Talking helps with my writing process too & I agree that the world would be extremely bland without imagination. I'm also jealous you went to Hawaii.


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