Thursday, January 14, 2016

Devon Beck: Journal 2.

Hello, my name is Devon. I'm from Marion. I graduated Harding High School in 2015. This is my first year at Ohio State Marion. When I'm not in school I work at Meijers. I've worked at Meijers since 2013.  I work at the service desk and am also a cashier. I'm studying English. I plan on getting minors in creative writing and professional writing.

Imagination and creativity are very important. We wouldn't have a lot of the things that we love if it had not been a thought first. People imagine things and some people pursue them. Others do not. When people let their imagine talk it makes great things happen. Some of the best movies we love would not have happened if the producers had not let their imagination run wild. Creativity is another huge thing. It makes a person who they are. Creativity shows how a person thinks. It shows a side of a person that might not be noticed if you were just talking to them. It also helps provide others with a way to do things differently.

Imagination has helped me dream of the different things I could do in life. It has helped me want to go further with my education. It's helped me create goals and plans for the future. Creativity has helped me a lot through life. I've had to create new ideas when problems arise.


  1. I agree totally that our world is the way it is because people used their imagination and creativity to make their dreams a reality. Without that, we would still be in caves bashing stuff with rocks.

  2. I agree 100% and you made a lot of good points that I never thought about. I never really thought about how movies wouldn't be a thing f there wasn't creativity and imagination so very well done!

  3. I love your opinion on why creativity and imagination are important! It's very inspiring, dreams are a huge part of life and we should never lose sight of them! I'm thinking about minoring in creative writing and professional writing also. Sounds like we would make good study partners!

  4. I really like what you said about creativity and imagination! It's a really good idea to have plans for the future and I think it's great that it helped you decide what to do in college!

  5. I like how you said that some people pursue the things they imagine while others don't. That's very true. I also think its pretty awesome that your pursuing a career in writing I think with your mindset you will do very well :)


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