Thursday, January 14, 2016

Anthony Fernandez Journal 2

Hello all you people. My name is Anthony Fernandez. I'm approximately 6ft tall, black hair and wear glasses. As far as unusual things about myself, I have Asperger's syndrome. Long story short, it means that I have trouble outwardly communicating with anyone and often seek solitude, so I'm not always the easiest person to get along with, but if you are willing to give me a chance, I can be a very likeable fellow.
Imagination and creativity is what has basically made the world we live in today. It is what allowed Edison to take some wire and glass and change the world. It was what allowed dogs to go from our mortal enemies to man's best friend. The list is endless. For me, ever since I was a kid, imagination has been a key part of my life. Often times, I will go somewhere private so I can act out my imaginary adventures without the scrutiny of other. Mostly, it's just giving alternate plots to movies and other forms of story telling, but I do create original ideas too. I keeps me from the brink of boredom, always.


  1. Geez, when you put it like that, I feel even shorter than I usually do around you! I think that, if we didn't have imagination, I would have died from boredom years ago. When I was little, I used to act out/ draw my own versions of movie endings. It kept me out of trouble for a good majority of my childhood.

  2. I can testify from past experience that you are indeed a very likable and talented fellow, if given the chance, and I"m happy you are bringing your talent and imagination back to a creative writing class!


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