Thursday, March 24, 2016

Writing Exercise 8

    Jeremiah is a hardworking OSUM student. He juggles a job at McDonald's and schoolwork. When he can, he takes advantage of his free time by playing video games. Not just any video games though, he prefers the single-player games. He particularly enjoys ones where he can save the galaxy, it’s his hero complex coming into play. Many people may prefer to play mind-numbing games after an exhausting day of school, but not him. He enjoys games where he can use strategy and his noggin to get the job done.
    He's a dangerous demon. He has several scars from accidents over the years. He has grease burns from cleaning the grill at McDonald's and a small one on his hand from his dog. He also has a scar above his left eyebrow where he fell off his bike in the graveyard near his house. He later reopened the scar when he was spinning one day because he "just felt like spinning."
Jeremiah with his new found love, his car he just bought.

   Although largely conservative, he does have some Liberal views on issues such as minimum wage. When it comes to Donald Trump, he initially laughed, thinking it was a joke. Once he realized the seriousness, he liked how different his ideas were. However, he now disagrees with Trump but likes the attitude he brings to the table. 
    As mentioned, he is a student at the Ohio State University at Marion. He came to Marion because it was a good, cheaper alternative to other schools. Jeremiahs goal for attending college is to make money in his future job. Money is a major motivator for him, as it is for most people. He wants to make sure that he doesn’t get into debt, so he doesn’t buy something unless he already possesses the money. In fact, he just bought a car the other day using money he has saved. Jeremiah is currently a finance major and after he graduates, he wants to become a business man. 

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