Thursday, March 31, 2016

Exercise 9 Mika


Every year, during the summer, I go to the Marion County Fair. I always have so much
fun there with my friends. I have certain foods I especially look forward to. It’s hard to not spend money when your walking through a hazy world of popcorn, Stromboli, lemonade, and deep fried Oreos. I’m fond of some of the more unusual fare, though, gator meat, lamb gyros, and deep fried cheesecake are among my favorites. The midway games are fun too. I try to win a bunny every year too, but always seem to fail but never learn my lesson until I’ve spent ten or twenty dollars. The fireworks are usually the best part, though. Usually, I manage to find good seats to watch them from. One year, I even got to watch them from a tank because I had friends there who were in the military.
Last year, the fair was extra special because I spent it with my friend, Hope. We spent a lot of time together that summer because she taught me how to ride horses. So, I spent the week of the fair with her and her other friends who all owned horses. I will always remember getting kicked in the knee last year by a baby pony. I think she was just scared. It wasn’t a big deal, though, because the she was only about the size of a dog. I took this picture on the fourth of July with Prancer, the horse I learned to ride on. Earlier in the day I watched Hope do some 4H competitions with him. One was a costume contest. Hope dressed up as Pebbles from the Flintstones. Afterwards, I helped Hope spray him down and brush his hair. It was one of the most memorable fair weeks ever.

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