Thursday, March 31, 2016

Journal 5 - Mickey Pfarr

I think that the most interesting bit I've read thus far has to be the creative aspects of creative non-fiction in general. I've always thought of it was dry and tedious, but it can actually have a rhythm, a tone, and a specific style. Non-fiction can be pretty, and although I knew a lot of the creative aspects already, it's like a refreshing slap to my face saying, "Hey, don't just write what people want to hear. Write what you feel, too."

I've picked the essay "On Coming Undone" by Siri Steiner. This essay is jam-packed full of gross information on what happens inside and on a body as it decomposes, but it's not gross at the same time. She starts off by introducing herself as a little girl, wondering about death, and then goes to explain the life that's born from it. In a morbid way, it's actually quite beautiful. I hate bugs, especially the gross kind that come from decomposing flesh, but the way she writes it is descriptive in a very pretty way. My favorite bit has to be the dialogue, though, between her and her mother about death. Have a read!

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