Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Exercise 9: Kristen Orewiler

For You I Would:


“Just call us Shaggy and Scobby-Doo”
         Sarah Swisher is someone who is unforgettable and once you meet her, I can promise you’ll never forget her. Now, of course we weren’t always the best of friends. I’ve actually known Sarah for about four years but that’s only because she dated my cousin, Tyler for three of those years. One might think that we have been friends since she was dating Tyler but the truth be told is I was always scared of her. When she and Tyler were together, I didn’t really talk to her because she always had that “I hate the world” look on her face. Obviously, I would never tell her I used to be scared of her because that would make me look weak and she would have the pleasure of holding that over my head forever. I actually ran into her at Family Video about a year ago where she had told me that she and Tyler had broken up and she asked if we could talk sometime. I was of course shocked because she always smiled at me when I saw her but I definitely thought she hated my guts for some unknown reason. After we talked, we then started to hangout 24/7; therefore, I thank Tyler every day for breaking up with her because if he hadn’t, I’m not sure Sarah and I would be best friends. Now that we’re inseparable though, I wouldn’t mind if she became an Orewiler.  
            Before I met Sarah, I had plenty of friends that I admired greatly but for some reason I still felt incomplete. I felt as if my friends didn’t know who I really was and I felt like I couldn’t be who I wanted to be because they were very judgmental towards my decisions, I was playing a part in the world, and that was someone who I didn’t want to be anymore. When you fall in love with someone, you feel a connection you’ve never felt before; as if you’ve been waiting on that person or as if you already knew them. You feel like you’re on top of the world and that’s the feeling I got when I met Sarah.
            She is someone who believes in me when I don’t believe in myself and that is why I consider her my best friend. Since the day we became friends, she’s had more goals and dreams for me than I did for myself. I try to repay the favor, but I know it’s hard to keep up with her. I know that I can call her anytime of any day and she’ll be there for me no matter what the situation is. It’s been a little over a year since we’ve been friends and I have changed completely since I’ve met her; I was lost and she somehow found me. We’re very similar when it comes to our personalities and that’s why this picture is so important to me because it describes our friendship perfectly. We’re goofballs when we’re together and we always travel together. During the weekend, people know we’re going to be together so it’s almost as if we come as a package deal. When we are together, people love to be around us because we’re cheap entertainment. We are always down for a good time and we don’t care who’s around. She has really brought me out of my shell.
            If I had to compare our friendship, I would compare us to Scooby-Doo and Shaggy. Scooby-Doo and Shaggy just fit together like a puzzle piece. They are the type of friends who are always finishing each other’s sentences; they know exactly what one another is thinking and their always eating. Although Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are a good comparison, there are some slight differences. For example, Sarah and I aren’t really afraid of anything (as long as we’re together), we feel unstoppable and if someone did try to mess with us, I’d be the one cheering her on from the side because she could take them on by herself. Although we are always looking for new places to eat, she has got me into working out and becoming a healthier person and that is something I couldn’t thank her enough for.
            I really wish you could hear about all the reason’s Sarah and I are best friends but if I did, I would be able to publish my first novel by the time I finished. I’m just very grateful that God has blessed me with such an amazing best friend. Again, I couldn’t imagine my life without her because she has been such a heavy impact on my life and has literally turned my life upside down in an outstanding way. She is someone who deserves the world and day by day, I am trying to return all the favors that she has done for me. I’m excited to see what the future brings for us because whatever it is, I know she’ll be right by my side. We’ll always be the dynamic duo; just like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.


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