Thursday, April 7, 2016

Comments for Mickey and Sam: Ursula K. LeGuin

What did you learn?
What was most well done?
What might have been developed more, or made more clear? Why?
What questions do you have remaining?
  • Will you explore this writer further? Why or why not?


  1. I thought that it was very interesting how her fantasy "Books of Earthsea" has been translated into 16 different languages. It shows how interesting her writing is if people all over the world want to read her stuff. You did a wonderful job of showing that in your presentation. I maybe would have added a few more specific names of works or two but that is a nit pick. I am interested in her works now and I might just look around for her works while I'm on vacation this summer.

  2. I didn't know of her as an author before this but I had heard of the Earthesea books. I found it interesting that she writes several different genres.

  3. I had read pieces by her but I never really knew that much about her. I think its amazing that she has had so much published and is still going. I would maybe add a few more titles. I thought that you both worked very well together. Good Job Ladies!!

  4. I found it really amazing that she had her first book published at the age of 6. I like how she writes about different genres as well. I thought you guys did a great job with your presentation and I found it very interesting and informational.

  5. I had never heard of Ursula K. LeGuin before, she seems like a cute little old lady. Like someone I would want to be my grandmother.
    I don't enjoy science fiction so in all honestly I probably would read into those stories much.
    It's crazy that she studied biology and poetry. Most of the time you are either good at writing and history or science and math. She must be very very intelligent!
    I look up to her because she lives such a private life. More celebrities should be this way. Fame ruins most peoples lives.
    She has an impressive amount of works and I can only hope I can be87 years old and still writing.

  6. I thought it was very interesting that LeGuin was so diverse when it came to her writing! I think that is a true gift and talent to be successful as so many different things. When we start writing, sometimes I feel like we get nervous trying to change what we know best. That's why I think that was very important! I thought you both did good talking about her background story along with her work. I think its great that she is still publishing to this day! Also, I really like that she has won 51 honors and awards in her lifetime! That's definitely someone to look up to and I'm really interested in reading more of her work! Overall, you both did a really nice job!

  7. I liked how she published her first book at six years old. I can relate a little, I published my first poem as a freshman in high school. I remember it was called "Spring Feet," written in free verse, and I didn't consider it a poem at all because of that. I'm currently in a Science Fiction class, so I enjoy seeing some aspects cross over between classes. I'll almost definitely use some of her work for reference in my other class.

  8. I never knew who Ursula was, but I'm glad you two went over her in class. Her writing seems very interesting and it's something I will read once I have some more free time to do so. I liked how she won all those awards, but she led a very private life. Guess if I want to make it big I should stay private!


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