Thursday, April 7, 2016

Comments for Kristen: E.E. Cummings

What did you learn?
What was most well done?
What might have been developed more, or made more clear? Why?
What questions do you have remaining?
  • Will you explore this writer further? Why or why not?


  1. I was blown away to hear that he interned in a French prison camp which inspired him to write "Enormous Room." That, coupled with the other details about his life, were very well handled. That said, there was room that could have been used to talk about his writing and contributions to it. Despite that, his writing do seem interesting and I might go find something of his to read.

  2. He had an interesting life, good backstory. I also didn't know he went to harvard. Good photo and information.

  3. I think that you did wonderful!!! I was so impressed with how you only had the four bulletins and were able to talk about this. I thought that was a really good set up. I was a little surprised that he was an ambulance driver. You developed his life story so well and maybe next time you could just add a little more information about his writings.

  4. I thought E.E. Cummings was by far the most interesting. I found it ironic that he wrote about love, but had an affair with his best friend's wife. I think you did a great job at explaining his life and I found it intriguing.

  5. I really liked the backstory you gave for him, it helped to see how his writing came to be. I found it inspiring that he wrote a poem a day, I need that kind of motivation in my life! It was interesting to know that he wrote a lot about love, yet he had an affair with his best friends wife. What a good friend! :) I would have liked to know maybe a little more about his actual work, but other than that, I really liked your presentation!

  6. I really liked how you had one slide and could explain everything else yourself. It really reflected how well you studied e.e. Cummings and his writing style. It's totally goals to have my child read a poem a day someday like e.e. Cummings did...
    I liked your facts on the type writer and how he was able to control how his lines looked for the first time. I never thought about appearance being more important than content, this is a very interesting concept.
    I also loved that he loved Pablo Picasso. I study a lot of his works and have seen many of them in different art museums. Makes me love e.e. Cummings even more than I already did!

  7. I really love how his life was a perfect soap opera. I was surprised that he had been imprisoned. You did a great job on his life and everything, but I think I would have liked to know just a little more about his work. Other than that, great job! I might try to read some more from him now.

    (P.S. What kind of name is "Estlin"?)

  8. I love how you used only four bullets and didn't use the slides as a crutch like most people in the class did. However, on that spectrum, you may be close to falling off of the other end. Be careful to show us enough information on the PowerPoint so you are not just giving a speech. I've heard of Cummings, but knew little about him before this. I definitely didn't know that he was imprisoned, but I can see how such an event would affect his life and writings. I like how he stressed the importance of the lines themselves. It makes sense. I look over poems and then decide whether to read them or not based on what I see. I doubt I'm the only one who does that either. Appearance is important.

  9. Now I know why I sometimes see E.E.'s name not capitalized: he doesn't like to capitalize things. lol I liked how you didn't try to engage us with a presentation, so we were more focused on what you had to say. The fact that he met Pablo Picaso and had such a fiasco of a love life was interesting to learn. I'll probably go and add him to my mile long reading list because his poems sound so musical and interesting. :)


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