Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Journal Three: Kristen

Part One:
One of the two ideas that really struck my in chapters three and four in Hugo was, "Too many beginners have the idea that they know what they have to say-now if they can just find the words." (31) I thought this was really interesting because I'm guilty of this. A lot of the time, I know exactly what I want to say but sometimes don't know how to say it. The second thing that struck me was, "Can writing be taught? Yes it can and no it can't." (33) This was really interesting because we've all grown up writing and was always told or work was either good or not so good. Even though it maybe not so good, we still have to write. I think structurally writing can be taught, but not the way you write. I personally believe that comes naturally.
When reading Four Genres in Brief, I thought the short poems were really helpful because all the information that was given to use through the chapter was really useful but I love how they pulled all that together and wrote many short poems for us to read. I'm the type of person that I have to see something in order to do it myself, therefore this was really helpful when trying to figure out everything that was included in writing poetry.

What's the best way to look for the words you're constantly searching for as a writer? Is there really a good way?

Part Two:
When writing my own poems, I'm learning that I love to create imagery. This is very similar to the book which makes me feel a little better as a writer. One thing that's different from the book and my writings are the and, or and other small words that can sometimes be over dramatic. I have a bad habit about that because sometimes my words just flow. That is something that I want to work on throughout the rest of the semester.
When I'm writing poems, depending if there is a topic or not, I think of one word and go from there. With that one word I feel like 100 other words seem to follow. One thing that is very difficult for me is trying to create a poem with sound. My main weakness that I have is I don't have any rhythm to my poems yet and even if I did, I'm not so sure I could do it.


  1. I have a similar problem as well. There are a lot of small words that I use a lot and I try my hardest to get around that and find something that works better. But as you said, your words start to flow and you can't seem to help yourself. To me though, it's just a part of your dictation and how you are as a writer. If you use a lot of "so", "and", or "like", then that's just your own voice coming out. :)

  2. I agree, sometimes it can be really difficult to find the right words! It's like you said though, once you think of one word, many more follow. I like that you love imagery in your writing, that always makes a poem more real to me.

  3. I like creating imagery too. It is fun to try and create a world that would otherwise only exist in your head.


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